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At Miami Lawyers Near Me, we handle a wide range of business lawsuits all across the Miami area. Business litigation is one of the more complex areas of the law which is why it is imperative to have one of our experienced attorneys on your side when facing a business dispute.

Business litigation

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Whether you run a small local business or own a share in a large corporation, our law office is here to serve you. We provide expert legal assistance and protection for a wide range of business types and will handle your business interests with the utmost efficiency.

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When it comes to business litigation, we explore every potential claim and liability in order to create a comprehensive strategy for your case. Our attorneys work with the aim of securing the best solution possible for your business interests.

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Business litigation can often mean that your normal business operations will suffer until the dispute is resolved. Profit loss, time lost, as well as bad publicity can all impact your company during litigation. As such, business lawsuits need to be resolved as quickly as possible while still ensuring that your business interests are protected.

State laws require that a person’s estate go through probate whether they left a will behind or not. Though the process can become complicated, the aim is to make sure that the probated will is indeed valid, and that any benefits within its contents are properly distributed to the entitled recipients and no one else. In addition, probate allows for the negotiation of payment for any outstanding debt or taxes owed by the decedent.

The attorneys at Miami Lawyers Near Me have years of experience in handling business lawsuits and litigation. We have the expertise as well as the resources needed to successfully resolve a broad spectrum of business disputes. Our business litigation practice covers breach of contract claims, breach of fiduciary duty, partnership disputes, unpaid invoices, business fraud, as well as nondisclosure and trade secret violations. Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant facing one of these or other types of business disputes, our attorneys are fully committed to representing your interests and providing you with the best solution for your legal matters.

Business litigation


Most frequent questions and answers
Business litigation is an umbrella term that is given to disputes between individuals, companies, or even government entities in the context of business transactions. There are several types of business disputes that can lead to a lawsuit. However, some of the most common issues that give rise to legal action are breach of contract, partnership disputes, unpaid invoices, business fraud, as well as nondisclosure and trade secret violations. Because these areas are usually complex and require an extensive understanding of business and commercial law, it is necessary to hire a business litigation attorney to secure a favorable resolution.
Business litigation can become an involved and drawn out process that can negatively impact your company in major ways. For example, you may lose a lot of time handling legal matters. Public relation issues may also arise from having your business involved in a lawsuit, or you may find your profits affected in some way. This is why it is imperative to hire an experienced litigation attorney who will work to protect your business interests and seek out different options for resolving litigation as quickly as possible. They have the knowledge needed to make crucial decisions with regards to filing or disputing a claim, taking part in alternative dispute resolution, and other issues that can lead to a more beneficial outcome.
In handling a business lawsuit for a plaintiff or defendant, a business litigation attorney needs to have a comprehensive understanding of your business as well as what led to the current dispute. In order to aid your attorney, take the time to write down a detailed chronology of the events surrounding your company’s legal issues. Be sure to provide specific information with regard to each incident such as what information was exchanged, who was privy to this information, when the exchange took place, etc. Your attorney will be able to work from this chronology and extrapolate points in order to help your case.
Because of the complex issues involved, business litigation can become a long process that many businesspeople can ill afford. As such, business litigation attorneys will often look to alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The ADR process is a means of settling disputes outside of litigation, greatly reducing the time and money clients spend on getting their legal issues resolved in court. Some of the more popular ADR methods are arbitration and mediation. In arbitration a neutral third-party hears both sides of a dispute as in an informal trial and reaches a decision. Mediation provides a more collaborative environment where a mediator works alongside each party to reach a fair resolution both sides can agree on.