Commercial litigation and your business

Commercial litigation is a broad term that covers any legal issue related to business. Commercial litigation can be applied to highly involved business matters as well as simple, straightforward issues. Some of the most common areas that fall under commercial litigation include breach of contract, partnership or joint venture disputes, class action, or shareholder issues. With any one of these areas, legal action can end up having a negative effect on your business, whether your case wins out or not. The time spent in trial preparation and court, expenses, and bad press can all impact your company. This is why it is imperative to have your case handled by an experienced commercial litigation attorney.
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Commercial litigation

Finding the right solution


Preparation — When it comes to business lawsuits, it is vital to have a commercial attorney on your side that believes in extensive preparation well before trial proceedings or out of court settlements commence. Some commercial cases are straightforward, but others are highly complex and require a well-conceived plan that should take every possible contingency into account.


Time — It is vital for commercial cases to be resolved as quickly as possible. The time you spend on legal issues is time lost from your business operations. An experienced commercial attorney will have the knowledge needed to handle litigation in an efficient manner, while securing the right solution for you and your business.

Minimize Loss

Minimize Loss — In commercial litigation, an attorney's foremost goal must be to minimize any potential financial loss for their client's business. Legal experience coupled with the particulars of your case will allow your commercial attorney to determine whether to settle out of court or proceed to trial in order to secure the best outcome for your business.

In any type of business-related dispute or litigation, it is essential to have an experienced commercial attorney by your side. Whether you are dealing with breach of contract, partnership disputes, class action suits, or shareholder issues, your case can become highly complicated and negatively impact your business. Litigation that is handled in an inefficient manner can result in unnecessary expenses, owed financial damages, or even the loss of your company.

Facing commercial litigation with a qualified attorney can ensure the success of your case and secure your business. If you find yourself in a business conflict that can potentially lead to a lawsuit, reach out to Miami Lawyers Near Me. Our commercial attorneys have the experience necessary to successfully represent your business and seek out the best solution for your case.

Commercial litigation


Most frequent questions and answers
Commercial and civil litigation may follow some of the same proceedings as they advance to trial, but their core difference lies in the parties involved. Commercial litigation pertains to legal disputes among businesses that claim to have suffered financial loss at the hands of another individual or company and seek some form of remedy. Civil litigation involves a conflict between individuals where one files a lawsuit against an another in order to receive compensation for damages.
Commercial litigation can often become expensive and drawn-out. However, there are other options available for those involved in business conflicts who wish to avoid going to trial. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings allow for both parties to come up with solutions in a more collaborative environment. Arbitration is one of the most common methods used in ADR and is like an informal trial where a neutral third party hears both sides of the dispute and reaches a decision. It is then up to the two parties to determine whether the arbitrator’s decision will be binding or not.
Because every business dispute is different, there is no prescribed time frame that indicates how long litigation will take. After a claim is made, document filing, discovery, and trial preparation take place—all of this happens before either party enters the courtroom and can take several months. The trial itself can go on for a year or more, depending on different factors such as the complexity of the case. Even when parties involved in a business dispute decide to settle out of court, the length of time spent in arbitration or other proceedings varies greatly.
Commercial litigation can involve disputes that are resolved through straightforward solutions. However, it can also involve more elaborate conflicts that can be designated as complex. This designation is usually assigned to commercial cases where there are multiple entities included in the dispute. The more parties that are involved, the more complicated litigation becomes. A complex business dispute also arises when numerous jurisdictions are used in a case hearing such as state or federal courts.