Real estate litigation

Real estate litigation involves legal issues with any type property that is used as a residence or business. Homes, condominiums, townhouses, apartment buildings, hotels, or industrial properties all fall under these categories and can potentially become the subject of a lawsuit. Disputes within the field of real estate usually arise from a party's failure to uphold a an agreement, commitment, or contract. If you are facing real estate litigation, reach out to our experienced attorneys at Miami Lawyers Near Me. We have years of experience in handling real estate cases and can help you resolve your dispute.

Real estate litigation

A look at your rights in real estate transactions

Protecting your rights

No matter what role you have in relation to a property, you are entitled to protect your rights through a legal professional. Our attorneys fully understand an individual's rights in real estate cases whether they are real estate agents, brokers, buyers, sellers, landlords, or tenants. We will work to ensure that our client's rights are protected while exploring the best options for moving towards a fair resolution. Our foremost goal is to pursue your legal right to redress.

Understanding different disputes

Real estate litigation is a complex part of the law and can contain different kinds of disputes that arise from various aspects within real estate projects. Some areas that can lead to litigation should problems emerge are acquisition, financing, development, management, or leasing. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of these different areas as well as the experience needed to properly represent and protect your interests in these matters.

Strategizing for results

Any real estate project can potentially lead to a dispute of some kind. When this happens, you need a legal professional that knows how to thoroughly analyze the dispute and formulate a strategy that is customized to the circumstances of your case. Our real estate litigation attorneys are experts in this area and can formulate an optimal plan and approach to your dispute. We're dedicated to providing you with knowledgeable legal service in order to secure the best results.

As with any business venture, a real estate project or transaction can quickly fall apart and ultimately end in a legal dispute. There are a number of issues that can arise when it comes to real estate property. Among the most common disputes that lead to litigation are contract and partnership disputes, real estate fraud, negligence or breach of duty, and boundary disputes among others. However, no matter what type of conflict you may be dealing with, our attorney are there to help.
If you are involved in a real estate project or transaction that is not going as planned, get in touch with Miami Lawyers Near Me LLC. You can go over your situation with one of our real estate litigation attorneys. They’ll be able to help you explore each option available to you and help guide you through the best course of action to protect your rights and pursue a fair resolution for your case.

Real estate litigation


Most frequent questions and answers
Real estate law is an area of the law that covers projects and transactions involving property—that is, land and any structure affixed to it. Real estate law regulates the ways in which properties are acquired as well as how those properties can be used. Real estate law is directly connected to the state. As such, it can vary widely across the country.
The selling, purchase, or leasing of a real estate property is a complicated process that can come with a great deal of financial risk for those involved. An attorney who specializes in real estate litigation can secure your rights and interests throughout the transaction by reviewing the deed and title of the property, going over important documents, and facilitating the process without putting you at risk.
A residential property is any structure or land that is designated for private use. Single-family homes and condominiums, for example, are considered residential properties. Usually a residential property is used and occupied as a homestead and nothing more. A commercial property, however, is any structure or land that is used for business or to generate some kind of profit. This can include office buildings, apartment buildings, or land that is used for farming.
In any situation where injuries or damages are involved, it is advisable to reach out to a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Because civil cases can sometimes require extensive investigation and preparation, your attorney needs to have an ample amount of time to ensure that they have all the details of the case. The sooner you consult with an attorney, the sooner they can start working on preparing your case to secure a favorable outcome.