Shareholder disputes within a company

In simple terms, a shareholder dispute is a conflict between shareholders of a corporation with regards to certain aspects of the company's operations. As straightforward as this sounds, shareholder disputes can interfere with business functions and have a lasting impact on the company. However, our attorneys at Miami Lawyers Near Me have the experience needed to find the best possible legal remedy for minority or majority shareholders without causing serious damage to the corporation.

Shareholder disputes

What our attorneys can do for you

Timely Action

Our attorneys understand that when it comes to shareholder disputes, time is of the essence. Any delay can have damaging effects on the company's future and make it more difficult to find an agreeable outcome for those involved. This is why when you hire us, we'll work to ensure that an efficient and successful resolution is brought about as quickly as possible while making sure the company's interests are fully protected from the very beginning of a dispute to the end.


In order to effect change, it is essential to fully comprehend the underlying cause of any dispute within a company. We're committed to the process of wholly understanding every element of a shareholder dispute in order to set forth an appropriate plan for negotiation. Our attorneys find out everything they can not only about the conflict at hand but also about the company itself as a means of forming a strategy that will bring about the best possible solution.

Protecting your business

At the core of most shareholder disputes lay conflicting views about what is best for the company. As attorneys working towards the success of the business our main objective is to reach a unified view for the shareholders involved to protect the company from lasting damages. It is imperative to protect a business' operations, bottom line, and reputation both during and after the dispute's resolution—and this is what our attorneys aim to do for you.

At Miami Lawyers Near Me, our attorneys know that corporate directors and shareholders wish to see their business succeed. This is why we won’t settle until we find the right solution that will not only resolve the current dispute but help prevent future ones from arising. We cover a wide range of shareholder disputes that include direction of the business, breach of shareholder agreement, breach of fiduciary duty, as well as rights of minority shareholders.

Because shareholder disputes involve people who share common goals and have worked alongside you to achieve those goals, they can become complicated and fraught with legal, financial, and personal issues. Let our qualified attorneys at Miami Lawyers Near Me take command of the situation and use their expertise to help navigate the various complexities that come with shareholder disputes. We’ll make sure that your interests and those of your business are protected and get things back on track for the success of the company.

Shareholder disputes


Most frequent questions and answers
An individual shareholder’s rights are usually tied to an established shareholder agreement. A shareholder agreement is essentially the foundation for a corporation. This legal document should lay out all of the details regarding the business. Among the details included in a shareholder agreement are the responsibilities, rights, and benefits of each individual shareholder as well as how disagreements between shareholders will be resolved.
A corporation’s directors, officers, and majority shareholders owe a fiduciary duty to minority shareholders and the company itself. However, when an individual in one of these positions acts in bad faith, makes secret profits, or enters into a conflict of interest, they are in breach of their fiduciary duty. Usually a breach of fiduciary duty will result in financial remedies such as damages for any lost profits as well as the recovery of any profit and salary paid to the individual while they acted in breach of their duty.
Any enterprise involving several people is bound to run into conflicts at some point. Shareholder disputes are among these conflicts and arise from a wide range of matters regarding the company. However, some of the most common issues that can lead to disagreements among shareholders can include the company’s strategy or direction, salaries paid to shareholders who are also employed in the company, or unbalanced financial contributions from individual shareholders.
The decision-making process within a corporation is usually stipulated in the company’s shareholder agreement, but for the most part, decisions are reached through a vote. A majority of matters can be resolved through a simple majority vote. However, when a significant decisions is to be made, a higher majority of votes is required. It’s also important to note that if majority shareholders are taking advantage of their position, there is protection available to minority shareholders.