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Attorney for Breach of Contract
Attorney for Breach of Contract Miami

One doesn’t have to be a business man before he enter into bargains, execute business transactions and enter into a contract. Whether we like it or not, we enter into contract almost every day. An agreement doesn’t have to be large before it is deemed fit to be labeled as a contract.

 When you hire a plumber, a painter, or a lawn mower to do a certain job for you, you are entering into a contract with the individuals. His obligation is to carry out a specific job for you-as agreed-while yours is to pay him a certain amount of money upon the completion of the job, as agreed. A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to live up to his end of the deal. In the instance provided, a contract breach may occur if you refuse to pay the painter after the job must have been completed. Or, on the side of the painter, a breach may occur if he fails to carry out his job which is to paint an agreed room or space.

Now, breach of contract can either be partial or whole. A breach of contract is deemed partial if one of the parry breaches the contract partially. That is, for instance, if someone hires a plumber to fix a broken pipe and he ends up not paying the plumber in full (even after the completion of the job), such a person has breach his contract with the plumber and the plumber has the right to sue him to court for a breach of contract.

A breach doesn’t only occur if a party fails to fulfil his end of a bargain either partially or wholly. If a party fails to execute a job on time, or if he decides to leave out some fundamental agreement of the contract and do as he or she pleases, a contract can be said to be breached.

How does a  breach of contract occur?

A Contract breach can occur in several ways. A breach can occur when:

  • A party decided not to carry out his end of the agreement either partially or completely 
  • Acts in a way that seems like he isn’t ready to fulfill his end of the deal or agreement
  • The contract becomes one that cannot be executed due to the negligence of a party.

The above classifications only depicts the various ways a contract can be broken it doesn’t depict the severity of the breach. It is the duty of a judge to ascertain if a contract breach really occurred based on the claims of the involved parties.

Breach of Contract Attorney

A breach of contract is a civil wrong, thus settling this case outside court can save you some stress and money. If peradventure, the case is one that needs to be heard by a Judge, it is best you hire a competent breach of contract attorney. Mind you, a breach of contract attorney could also be key in an out-of-court resolution. He could act as a mediator during the out-of-court settlement process.

Why do you need the Help of a Breach of Contract Attorney?

Breach of contract cases can be very complex, depending on the circumstances surrounding the breach. Some are quite easy to resolve and may not need the assistance of an attorney; few phone calls are enough to put things in order. Some breaches on the other hand require the help of an attorney.

A breach of contract attorney boast of not just the experience and knowledge regarding contract breach, but the resources to ensure that the case ends with you smiling. If the contract breach resulted in substantial damages, a breach attorney can help in ensuring that all the incurred damages are well recovered and your rights regarding the contract is well safeguarded

Contact a Breach of Contract attorney in Miami

If you reside in the beautiful city of Miami and you find yourself in a dispute that ensued as a result of a breach of contract, or if your name was indicated in a breach of contract lawsuit, you will need the best help you can get.

 An attorney for breach of contract Miami can provide you with the best advice and solution to that case of yours. Because contract law may vary in all states and courts, it is therefore paramount that you hire a breach of contract attorney who is very conversant with the Florida contract law. If possible, hire a breach of contract attorney who resides in Miami and is well conversant with how courts in the city handle contract cases similar to yours.