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Several occurrences take place in our everyday lives and some of these things affect finances, assets, health, and family among others. This change affects plans and more notably estate plans. If you already made you estate plan, you need to consider revising the plan.

Here are few reasons you should consider revising your estate plan.

You recently changed location.

A change or revision should be made on estate plan if you recently changed state or moved to another settlement in a different state. The reason for this change is that, all state including Miami has state rules guiding the creation and implementation of estate plans. Thus, this state laws dictates what formalities is taken in estate plan what document or inclusion should be present.

You added new assets or expanded your estate.

Addition of new assets should be made to reflect in your estate plan. Your estate plan should indicate all your assets. This would help prevent any form of misunderstanding, court settlement of your estate plan or probate as well as troubles when transferring your assets to desired beneficiary. To also ensure, proper reduction of estate taxes, you should constantly revise your estate plan and include all new collections.

You changed a named beneficiary of your estate.

If you changed or planning to change a named beneficiary in your estate document, you need to revise your estate plan. Your estate plan allows you to add or remove a beneficiary; however, you need to clearly indicate these changes in your estate plan.

Note you change easily upgrade, revise your estate plan by just contacting our Miami lawyer closes to you.

Bottom line

  • Estate plans can be made to reflect and implement your mid, short and long term plans. However, you can speak with an estate planning lawyer to know suitable documents that would reflect these plans. 
  • Since estate plans are made in preparation for any uncertain life occurrences, you need the right lawyers to ensure your desired and plans are duly implemented.
  • Our Miami estate planning lawyers would guide you through any probate process. Also, the estate lawyer can step in a play the role of the executioner of your estate plan.
  • The living trust is an essential estate document. While other estate document such as last will may go through probate before it can be implemented, the living trust allows transfer of assets without any probate process.

Build a good relationship with your estate lawyer.

Your relationship with our close by estate planning lawyer would ensure that all your long, short and mid-term estate plan are properly implemented. Our estate planning lawyer would discuss with you available and suitable estate plan options and guide you to making the right choices. It is worthy of note that such estate plans are susceptible to wrong inclusion and attachment and may lead to loss of assets and other benefit obtainable from a good estate plan. However, with just a contact, you have experience estate planning lawyers giving insights and making proper estate plans with you.

Questions to ask your estate planning lawyer on your first meeting

There are questions to ask your attorney on your first meeting in order to know to what extent their services would be and to as well build a lasting relationship. The questions include:

  • How long will the estate planning process take?
  • Would you need a living trust or powers of attorney? What are the pros and cons of each?
  • Would the lawyer execute the trust, etc. or would they only prepare the estate plan?
  • Will the lawyer have you review every document drafted before establishing them? Keeping in touch would help you avoid misunderstandings and maintain clarity and consistency.
  • When would they be available in case you have any pressing question or issue to discuss?
  • Do they include disability and tax planning in their estate planning strategy?
  • Would they help in reviewing and updating your estate plan periodically?
  • Would I be able to upgrade my estate plans in events of changes?

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Proper estate planning produces peace of mind. You will sleep better knowing that your affairs will be in the competent hands of your choosing, and that your loved ones will be financially secure when you are gone. We will help you establish a plan well personalized for your estate situation and goals. Call our law offices at Fort Lauderdale to speak with an estate planning attorney.