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Fort Lauderdale estate planning attorney near me 33338

Your location and that of the guardian.

When a guardian is appointed, he or she would not just leave his life and move to change location. As such you need to consider where you live and where the guardian stays. Many parents ask too much of a guardian when they don’t consider their place of resident. Most likely, when properly planned, the minor might move in with guardian.

What is the financial situation of the guardian?

You need to consider if the guardian is in a stable position to handle and take responsibility of a child. Not every person can take up taking care of anybody placed in their case. Does the guardian have a stable job and income, or would he need to take a second and third job to be financially okay? You need to consider all these.

Consider their morals and beliefs on raising a child.

Not everyone share the same ideology on child’s parenting. It is important to know your guardian has the same opinion as you before naming them for your child. Also consider their political, religious and moral beliefs. A wrong choice of guardian would be someone who doesn’t share common stance of raising a child.

Determine if they are interested in becoming a guardian.

Before going ahead to name a guardian, you need to first speak to whom you would like to appoint and get their go ahead. It might be complicated, perhaps frustrating if an individual named as a guardian do not know before appointed. You could be up for some serious probate and court issues if you don’t get the nod to name an individual as a guardian.

Determine the best guardianship relationship

There are several types of guardianship relationship. You should speak to an attorney to establish the best type of guardianship relationship. Different forms of guardianship are;

Full guardianship: this is a form of guardianship in which the guardian takes full custody of the child. The guardians has the full decision making power to make proper decisions for the child.

Limited guardianship: this form of guardianship relationship only gives the guardian limited decision making ability. The guardian in this case handles critical decisions for the child. Until he comes of age.

Co guardianship: co guardianship involves two or more guardian taking custody of the child. The guardians involved would solicit each other advice to make the best decision for the child. However, this may involve the guardian taking different roles in raising the child. 

Short term or temporary guardianship: this form of guardianship relationship last for a short time. The agreement in this document clearly states when the guardianship would stop.

Make proper estate plans.

You can only implement your desires over your kids through a proper estate plan. Estate document such as last will and trust would help you appoint guardian. A will is an estate planning document by which you can transfer assets to your named beneficiaries after your death. As in the case of naming a guardian, you would name the guardian for your kids in the will.

Essential estate planning tips.

  • Estate plans can be made to reflect and implement your mid, short and long term plans. However, you can speak with an estate planning lawyer to know suitable documents that would reflect the right guardian plan for your kids. 
  • Since estate plans are made in preparation for any uncertain life occurrences, you need the right lawyers to ensure your desires and plans are duly implemented.
  • Our estate planning lawyers in Fort Lauderdale would guide you through any probate process. Also, the estate lawyer can step in a play the role of the executioner of your estate plan.
  • The living trust is an essential estate document. While other estate document such as last will may go through probate before it can be implemented, the living trust allows transfer of assets without any probate process.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning can be a tough task, depending on how you want your estate to be planned. Ever more complicated is planning it all by yourself. To ensure that your estate is well planned, it is best you contact a professional, one who is quite conversant with estate planning and the estate planning laws in Fort Lauderdale.

 If you reside in Fort Lauderdale and you need help regarding the planning of your estate, you can contact our estate planning lawyer in Fort Lauderdale.