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Estate planning attorney
Estate planning attorney Fort Lauderdale

At our law offices at Fort Lauderdale, FL, our estate planning attorneys seek to grasp a holistic view of the estate plan of our client to get a perfect picture of their estate goals and wishes. We do not just employ a one-size-fits-all Will template, but will look into the client’s estate, evaluate all the assets, where and how they are owned, as all these must reflect in the manner in which the assets will be passed. Our estate planning strategy is aimed at serving the client’s best interests, while minimizing estate taxes and easing up probate.

Our estate planning attorneys Fort Lauderdale are also proficient in helping you plan for asset protection, retirement, and property management should you fall into disability or incapacity.

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Estate planning

There are many tools with which your estate planning attorney can establish and implement your best interests. To devise an effective estate plan, our law firm deems it fit that your estate plan contains the following documents:

  • Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament is a document on which you spell out your wishes concerning the disposal of your assets after death. Your Will is a highly important estate planning document, and as well the most commonly used. Your attorney can help you draft a Will that specifies the amount of money or asset that will go to each of your loved ones.

Note that your will must confirm with the estate laws of Fort Lauderdale to be effective. Also, your assets addressed on the will must pass through the court process of probate.

  • Trust

A trust is another powerful estate planning document by which you can transfer assets to beneficiaries. With a trust, you can transfer assets during your lifetime and immediately after your death without your loved ones having to go through probate.

There are two types of trusts, named revocable living trust and irrevocable trust.

The revocable living trust, also known as a revocable trust or living trust, allows you hold assets more freely that an irrevocable trust. Your estate planning attorney will advise you on what tool best satisfies your wishes.

  • Durable powers of attorney

By establishing durable powers of attorney, an agent will step into your shoes to make important decisions on your behalf when you become incapable of handling your own affairs yourself. A financial power of attorney appoints an agent who will take over your fiscal duties during disability or incapacity, while a medical power of attorney appoints one to make healthcare decisions on your behalf.

Other areas where we offer specialized services

  • Tax planning

Taxes are an important thing to consider when estate planning as taxes can cut deep into your estate purse. Estates in Fort Lauderdale are not liable to state estate taxes due to Florida laws, but may still be liable to federal estate taxes. Our estate planning attorneys are also proficient in fiscal planning, and will come up with the best way for you to minimize or avoid estate taxes.

  • Retirement and Medicaid

Our estate planning attorneys are also highly knowledgeable in Elder Law, and will work with you to know the most suitable retirement plan that befits you while keeping you eligible for benefits meant for the elderly. Your attorney will help you apply for Medicaid and Medicare if you so desire.

  • Probate

Another important aspect of every estate plan is probate. Probate is the court process in which your will is validated, and your assets distributed thereafter. When not planned for, probate likely would take a lot of time and money. To ensure your loved ones get what you want for them immediately you pass away and without the publicity and complexities of probate, consider using a trust instead of a will. Since the time and complicatedness of probate is proportional to the value of assets being probated, our estate planning attorneys will help you make decisions on what assets to transfer outside probate. We are also experts in the probate system of Fort Lauderdale, and will work with personal representatives in carrying out their roles, resolving estate litigation, all to ensure that probate is as smooth and short as possible.

Living will: A living will is an estate planning document with which you lay down instructions on your wishes for your end-of-life situations. What nature of healthcare would you want? Would you want to be put on life support, your brain preserved, or organs used to save the lives of others? We can also establish this instrument if you so desire.

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Proper estate planning produces peace of mind. You will sleep better knowing that your affairs will be in the competent hands of your choosing, and that your loved ones will be financially secure when you are gone.

We will help you establish a plan well personalized for your estate situation and goals. Call our law offices at Fort Lauderdale to speak with an estate planning attorney.