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Florida estate planning lawyers

So are you looking for an estate planning lawyer? That’s a great big step you are taking because it means you are ready to carry out proper estate planning. Florida estate planning lawyers are your surest bet in obtaining the peace of mind which you seek through proper estate planning. A proper estate plan is one that effectively addresses the management of your estate during your lifetime and afterwards, while minimizing taxes and family conflicts when transferring your assets after you are gone.  Florida estate planning lawyers are well versed in Florida estate laws, and knows just what to do to create that estate plan which serves your best interests.

What to expect when you hire a Florida estate planning lawyer.

Now you are searching for Florida estate planning lawyers, it is important you know what to expect beforehand. First of all, you have to decide if all you need is consultancy or for them to establish and utilize the estate planning tools on your behalf. If your estate is small, all you may need is a will to pass assets to your loved ones. However, there are other documents your estate planning attorney may advise and/or help you create:

  • Financial power of attorney: no matter how small or large your estate or business may be, you may need someone to help you handle your bills, bank accounts, business, and other financial matters should you become incapacitated. A document known as a financial power of attorney allows you appoint a financial representative.
  • Healthcare power of attorney (healthcare proxy): This document allows you appoint someone to make healthcare decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated.

The above documents will help you avoid the expensive court process to award you Guardianship.

How much do Florida estate planning lawyers charge?

Attorney fees for estate planning will depend on the depth of estate planning carried out. To create a simple Florida will, a Florida estate planning lawyer may charge about $200-300, whereas a more advanced will may cost up to $600 or more. It is important you know how much of their legal services you would require. In order words, if they will only play an advisory role, or if they will be establishing more than one estate planning strategies for you. An estate planning who would provide for you asset protection, disability and incapacity planning, living trust, tax planning, etc. may charge between $1,500-$2,500 or even more.

Some Florida estate planning lawyers will offer you a free consultation on your first visit, while others may charge up to $300.

Questions to ask your estate planning lawyer on your first meeting

There are questions to ask your attorney on your first meeting in order to know to what extent their services would be. The questions include:

  • How long will the estate planning process take?
  • Would you need a living trust or powers of attorney? What are the pros and cons of each?
  • Would the lawyer execute the trust, etc. or would they only prepare the estate plan?
  • Will the lawyer have you review every document drafted before establishing them? Keeping in touch would help you avoid misunderstandings and maintain clarity and consistency.
  • When would they be available in case you have any pressing question or issue to discuss?
  • Do they include disability and tax planning in their estate planning strategy?
  • Would they help in reviewing and updating your estate plan periodically?
  • Do they charge hourly, weekly, at the end of the project, or otherwise?
  • How long have they been practicing? Do not regard this question as crude or immaterial. It gives you an idea of their experience.

Things to look out for in a good Florida estate planning lawyer

There are key factors that determine how well and in sync you can work with your estate planning lawyer. Such factors include:

  • How comfortable do you feel discussing your personal affairs with the lawyer?
  • Do their estate planning views appeal to your senses?
  • Do they communicate with clarity and understanding?
  • How well do they listen to you?
  • Do you feel that they have your best interest at heart when they speak, or just after your purse?
  • Do they speak with experience and insight towards your area of concern?
  • Are they well-knowledgeable or specialized in your locale?
  • Are they compassionate about your situation and exhibit a solution-based approach?

Hiring an estate planning attorney

After considering the above, you certainly would have made up your mind on whom to choose. With over hundreds of estate planning lawyers practicing in Florida, you certainly would need not look far before you find what you seek. Contact an estate planning lawyer today.