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Legal disputes including litigation can arise in several ways, they can also ruin one’s life if not well handled. Litigation is simply the process of taking a case to court. The case can either be a civil case or a criminal case. It can be any case that violates your legal rights.

The litigation process is quite different in all states and courts, but the trial is quite similar. It starts with the complainant taking the case to court. In the court, the complainant files a complaint stating all of the ways the plaintiff has either vitiated his or her legal rights or broken the law. The court doesn’t just accept what comes out of the complainant’s mouth without carrying out an intensive investigation. The facts presented by the complainant is thoroughly investigated, and if found to be true and the two parties are yet to settle their case outside court, it’ll go to trial.

The trial will be overseen by a judge whose job is to ensure that the law is well interpreted and that due process is followed by both parties. The duty of determining the fact of the case can either falls on the judge or on the jury. If during trial, the plaintiff or complainant feels that the judge didn’t interpret the law appropriately or made a mistake in the procedure, he or she has the right to take the case to an appellate court. It is the duty of the appellate court to scrutinize the judge decisions for accuracy. If while scrutinizing the judge’s decision an error is spotted, the appellate court will transfer the case back to the trail court for amendment.

What is the duty of a Litigation Attorney?

Filing a law suit or defending a case in court isn’t an easy process. This isn’t easy as those high school debates. If you want that law suit of yours to be successful you will need the help of an expert in a litigation Attorney. Of course, money will be spent but it’s for your good and the justice you demand.

A litigation attorney is your superhero during a time of dispute. Unlike the superheroes we know, the job of a litigation attorney isn’t to fight but to simply ensure that your interest are upheld when those disagreements arises. The dispute or disagreement can come in any form, it could be relating to a commercial, criminal or civil case.

Commercial and Civil Matters

Commercial and civil cases are very common. We see disputes arising from these cases almost every day. When embroiled  in any of the two cases, it is the duty of  an litigation attorney to present your story of the disagreement in such a manner that enhances your chances of getting a good result from the judge, this doesn’t matter if you are the defendant or complainant. This is usually carried out in the court or via any other methods like meditation or negotiation.

Criminal Cases

This is often the most complicated, though this depends on the criminal allegations leveled against you. In the case of theft, if all goes well, you may not end up in jail but in the case of murder, there is a huge likelihood that you’ll spend time in jail.

A criminal case can be levelled against you by any party ranging from the state or commonwealth. When such a case is brought up against you, your options are limited. Its either you go to jail, you get fined or you have a taste of both. Here, the aim remains the same. It is the job of a litigation attorney to safeguard your interest, whatever it may be.

What help can a Litigation Attorney in Miami do for you?

When faced with certain case, a litigation attorney Miami can be of great help irrespective of the severity of the case. They have the resources to see that your interests are well protected and come out of court smiling.

 A litigation attorney in Miami will provide you with the best advice regarding how to handle that case of yours. With his experience and expertise, he’ll be able to predict the outcome of the vase and would strive to ensure that it is one that favors you.