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Miami litigation attorney
Miami litigation attorney: Giving you legal representation

Our litigation attorneys at our Miami law firm are experts in civil law, and offer legal representation to residents, businesses and corporate bodies who desire compensation for been wrongfully abused or harmed as a direct or indirect result of the action or inaction of another party. Litigation cases can issue out of a number of scenarios or business transactions.  Over the years, we have served a plethora of clients all around Miami in both simple and complex litigation involving even highly reputable organizations.  Our litigation attorneys understand how much grief and injury the irresponsible actions of others can cause to another party, and so we work hand in hand with our clients to ensure they get the right compensation that is due to them.

Common litigation cases we can handle as your litigation attorney

We offer legal representation to a variety of litigation cases common in Miami. We are reputable for handling the following for our clients:

  • Cases of physical personal injuries: As a law firm handling civil litigation, we are often involved with people suffering serious bodily injuries as a result of the actions or negligence of other parties. Such injuries can be gotten from physical violence, accidents in which another driver is to blame, poor healthcare practices, and so much more. We understand how much such accidents can distort the lifestyle and health of the client, and so help the injured to find solace in form of monetary compensation from the charged party at the Miami civil court.
  • Intentional tort: There are torts in which the accused party caused harm unintentionally, for example, when a drunk driver hits a pedestrian. In other cases, the harm may be intentional, for example an assault or battery. Such torts are said to be intentional and the accused must stand before the civil court and pay compensation for whatever losses incurred by the injured party. We also offer legal representation in cases of fraud, trespass, defamation, amongst others.
  • Cases of harmful products: When manufacturers fail to notify the public about the correct use of a product, its defects and/or potential harmful effects, they will be held liable when consumers fall into harm as a result of using such products. Such uncivil acts by producers and manufacturers can even lead to deaths. So long the consumer was neither warned nor aware of the harmful nature of the product before usage, that consumer is deserving of compensation from the company when harm is incurred or there is a loss of life. No matter how large or notable such company is, we offer representation to our clients in litigating such cases to ensure the company is brought to justice and due compensation awarded.
  • Vulnerability: Our litigation attorneys also offer legal representation in cases where the client is made vulnerable by the inaction of another party. Such inaction can be as a result of not providing adequate security facilities for employees and customers alike. When a bank is not well secured, robbery can take place and employees and customers suffer harm. Other businesses that can be held for making customers and employees vulnerable include nightclubs, transport companies, factories, amongst others.
  • Cases involving misconduct by healthcare professionals: There have been cases where physicians fail to give patients the adequate healthcare they require at a particular point in time, and such inaction consequently led to loss of life or harm to the patient. In recent years, we have been involved with clients who have suffered due to the negligence of healthcare professionals and have helped them obtain the compensation which they sought.
  • Fraudulent acts by corporate bodies: We understand how much the fraudulent acts of financial corporations can lead to huge losses for investors, clients, and the defrauded parties, and so we help these affected parties obtain whatever compensation they are deserving of. Such fraudulent acts can be in form of insurance, mortgage, impersonation, and lots more. Our Miami litigation attorneys are proficient in handling such cases no matter how complex or high-profile they may seem, and achieve the required results at the end of the day.
  • False claims: We understand all the statutes of the civil law, and will work tooth and nail to see justice done. In this light, we also offer legal representation to individuals, businesses and corporate bodies who feel wrongfully accused of causing harm to another body or individual. Our goal is to see justice served, and our clients satisfied.

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So are you looking for a Miami litigation attorney who is committed to protecting your rights when you fall victim of the actions of another? We are just the ones to call on. Our litigation attorneys have over the years garnered immense expertise in dealing with both simple and highly complex litigation cases, and will do what is legally required to provide you relief. Put a call through to speak with one of our litigation attorneys today.